Website Migration Service (WMS)

Classification: Public Information

Pipe Ten’s website migration services provide customers with assistance from web professionals in moving websites from an external location to Pipe Ten services.
It is not a requirement to use Pipe Ten’s migration services and Pipe Ten extends every assistance possible to those customers wishing or able to self migrate their websites and no additional cost.

Intended Use

The website migration services are intended for use for new customers moving to Pipe Ten or those customers who require a little extra help with moving their websites from a third party to Pipe Ten’s hosting services or between Pipe Ten’s services when automated migration is not available.
The website migration services are not intended to replace those of an internal or external web designer or developer (for further details please see the Limitations and Liability section).

Service Process

Each website is unique and as a result each migration is bespoke to its own needs. The basic process of an account migration comprises the following simple steps:

  1. Complete the enquiry form
  2. Pipe Ten provides consultation, package and migration cost estimates.
  3. The customer confirm they are happy for the proposal to proceed.
  4. Pipe Ten performs pre-migration testing (without public DNS updates).
  5. The customer confirm they are happy that the testing is good and the migration can proceed.
  6. Live migration is scheduled to occur during a mutually agreed window.
  7. Pipe Ten performs migration of the website or agreed data (with public DNS updates).
  8. Both parties perform live site testing. 9. Completion/sign-off and any final payments due.

Service Pricing

Pipe Ten’s migration services are structured around its Engineering Hourly Policy.
TWO hours of FREE migration assistance (Tier 4) are provided to all new Pipe Ten accounts moving website(s) to Pipe Ten for the first time. Any Pipe Ten assistance required beyond the free/inclusive, will be estimated for approval before any works are undertaken or costs incurred.
It will be assumed that:

  1. All works will be treated with Tier 4 scheduling and working hours; unless otherwise requested.
  2. FREE migrations include domains/DNS, web data, web settings and databases; unless otherwise defined.
  3. FREE migrations do not include E-Mail settings or mailbox data, unless otherwise defined.
  4. This document has been read and understood including the limitations and liabilities contained within. If unsure, please ask! Pipe Ten reserves the right to modify estimations (with notification) should there be hidden or otherwise unexpected complexity. Please see the further limitations and liability below.


Service Limitations and Liability

Pipe Ten are keen to assist customers in any circumstances, but must limit the scope and potential abuse of this largely FREE service.

  • In no event shall Pipe Ten be held liable for any lost or missing data or files resulting from a transfer to or from Pipe Ten. The customer is solely responsible for backing up their data in all circumstances.
  • Pipe Ten will make every effort to keep within their estimations however there can sometimes be hidden complexity which is not first apparent and this will not always be possible.
  • While some minor development or code related works may be required in order to move a website between servers, Pipe Ten’s assistance is limited to these basic modifications.
  • Pipe Ten has many designers, developers and web agencies as customers itself. This service is not intended to replace the services of an independent web designer or developer.
  • Pipe Ten provides no guarantee as to the success of any migration, time may still be billed for unsucessful migrations (unless specifically agreed prior to be attempted on a no-win-no-fee basis).
  • Pipe Ten reserves the right to refuse to supply migrations for any reason, though this will usually only due to them being too far outside of scope.
  • By requesting/actioning Pipe Ten to access any server, copy/mirror/move any data, or advise on a migration; Pipe Ten will be acting on behalf of and expects to be indemnified by the customer; against any risks associated with ownership, copyright or other legal matters which could result.

Things not included by default or as part of FREE hours:

  • Change nameserver/DNS settings with external registrar – Pipe Ten often does not have access and commonly use the customer enacting this change as acceptance that they have pre-tested the website migrated to Pipe Ten before making live changes.
  • Migrate mailbox settings or their contents – Pipe Ten finds customers often want to change their email usage, rarely want to copy over IMAP contents and wish to manage updating staff computers themselves.
  • SSL migrations – The complexities of SSL, especially when changing web server software necessitates either that SSL be purchased via Pipe Ten (includes complete free setup assistance) or in the case of third party SSL, this is handled between the customer and the third party provider.
  • SubFTP accounts – Often created, used once then forgotten; so are not migrated unless explicitly requested.

It is possible for Pipe Ten to take “raw copies” of existing websites from many “website builder” and “hosted website” services such as those defined below, however the customer must i) be aware these will be “raw copies” without the same tools available to edit or manage after migration ii) in the case of dynamic website functionality which existed on the older providers management system, this will likely not function correctly:

  • Wix websites
  • moonfruit
  • Google sites
  • Weebly sites
  • Microsoft Office Live/Office 365
  • VistaPrint
  • Other similar hosted website builder software.

How to Order

The service can be ordered by contacting the Pipe Ten sales or support team.
The more information and access provided, the less time and stress it will take to move the website.
All information shared with Pipe Ten is treated as under commercial confidence prior to becoming a customer of Pipe Ten, then as defined by the standard privacy and terms policies which can be found
Information requested:

  • Website URLs / domain(s) – The current live website address where the website can be seen functioning to use a reference for before and during the migration process.
  • FTP details – File transfer protocol, used for transferring the website’s files from the existing server to Pipe Ten.
  • Control panel login – The existing hosting control panel login information is required to check though the current hosts configuration to ensure any and all settings that the website(s) may require are copied across to Pipe Ten.
  • Existing control panel login – The Master/Admin login information (if possible) for the website script to ensure all functionality is working correctly once migrated. Some settings also may only updated via this admin interface.
  • Website admin login details – The Master/Admin login information (if possible) for the website script to ensure all functionality is working correctly once migrated. Some settings may also only updated via this admin interface.
  • Any website specific information – If the website uses a certain technology, or the database connection strings are non-standard.