Shared Hosting SLA (Shared.SLA)

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Service Level Agreement for Shared Web Hosting

Pipe Ten provides the Subscriber of Pipe Ten’s Shared Web Hosting services with the following SLA so they can be assured of a good home for their website application.


Pipe Ten strive to ensure the Network infrastructure will be available 100% of the time in each month that when not undergoing scheduled maintenance. Network availability means all network infrastructure including routers, switches and cabling is working. The Network infrastructure is defined as the portion of the Network extending from the outbound port on a Subscriber’s cabinet switch to the outbound port on the border router. Services or software running on a Subscriber’s servers are not counted as part of the network. Any downtime is deemed to commence when a fault is notified to support and ends when connectivity is restored. Pipe Ten do not provide a guarantee of Network infrastructure availability for shared web hosting accounts.


Pipe Ten is responsible for maintaining electrical Power connectivity to the Subscriber’s server and aim to ensure the Power will be available 100% of the time in each month that when not undergoing scheduled maintenance. Pipe Ten do not provide a guarantee of Power availability for shared web hosting accounts.


Pipe Ten are responsible for ensuring all hardware components will function properly and will rectify or replace any component with a fault at no cost to the Subscriber. Hardware is defined as the server chassis, processor(s), memory, storage devices, motherboard, power supplies, and network interface cards. This includes faults in Hardware due to failures in power and HVAC infrastructure including UPS, PDU and cabling. Pipe Ten will begin fault resolution once the problematic component has been identified. Software Pipe Ten are responsible for the management of the the software that controls the hosting service on the Subscriber’s server. This includes the operating system, the web server software and the control panel software that the Subscriber uses to access the server. This ensures the Subscriber does not have to worry about keeping the operating system and hosting software updated on their server, all updates and patches will be managed and install by Pipe Ten. If a backup service is taken the management of the backup software and its agents are also included. Installation of, the management of, or updates to any speciality software installed on a Subscriber’s server that are outside of a standard hosting server configuration are not included. The Subscriber’s access to their server will be limited to be via FTP and the control panel provided. Access via remote desktop, SSH or any other method is not permitted to the Subscriber to ensure the stability of the management Pipe Ten provide to the Subscriber.


Pipe Ten will provide the Subscriber with technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This support is available by submitting a ticket through their Pipe Ten control panel or by emailing Live chat support is also available during office hours via Pipe Ten’s website at Technical support is limited to Pipe Ten’s area of expertise. Pipe Ten provides support related to the Subscriber’s server or virtual site physical functioning. Pipe Ten does not offer technical support for application specific issues such as cgi programming, html or any other such issue. Pipe Ten does not provide technical support for the Subscribers of a Subscriber. Lastly, the Help files in the software application the Subscriber are using or Pipe Ten’s resource website may have the answer to your question, so please do investigate these resources before contacting technical support.

Service Priority

In the event of an issue to any of the provided services, priority will be directed to the most critical services. Services are divided into three classes of priority as outlined below:
Primary = DNS; Email: POP3, IMAP; Database: MySQL, MS SQL Server; Web: Apache HTTP, IIS HTTP; Management: Control Panel;
Secondary = Email: Webmail, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Grey Listing, Domain Keys, Webform; Backup; Monitoring; Web: FTP;
Tertiary = Email: POP3S, IMAPS; EasyApp; SiteStudio;
Periods of scheduled maintenance announced at least 24 hours in advance on the Pipe Ten support website at An email subscription to updates on Pipe Ten’s support website is available. Core operating system and server software updates will be installed on a regular basis. There may be small periods of downtime while the updates are installed and restarted. This will be performed outside of core hours and during the server’s typically quieter periods to keep any disruption to a minimum. This does not apply to any backup agents updates.