Software Update/Patching Service [REF-SUPPORT-SUS]

Classification: Public Information

Service Overview

The Software Update Service [REF-SUPPORT-SUS] includes the updating or patching of operating systems and devices with the latest available from the appropriate vendors by our engineers.
We keep a constant and close eye on new releases from the appropriate vendors and modify update schedules as appropriate to the risks and scope of any new release. It is not uncommon for low risk or new feature updates to be delayed for enterprise customers whilst the impact is first tested on lower priority services.
Approximate update schedules for low priority updates are defined:

  • Web Server Operating Systems (eg. CentOS, CloudLinux, Windows Servers)
    • Monthly
  • DB Operating Systems (eg. CentOS, CloudLinux, Windows Servers when carrying MySQL, SQL Server or similar)
    • Monthly
  • Storage Operating Systems (eg. CentOS, CloudLinux, SAN, Windows Servers when carrying NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or similar)
    • Quarterly
  • Virtualisation Operating Systems (eg. XenServer)
    • Quarterly for public code-bases / VM access
    • Quarterly for private code-bases / VM access
  • Firewall & Network Operating Systems (eg. Snort, pfSense, Cisco & Dell networks)
    • Monthly for for public access devices
    • Quarterly for private access devices

Terms & Limitations

Updates when not automated, will be scheduled and notified to occur between 0900 and 2200. Scheduling when required by customer to be outside these hours, may be billable at the prevailing rate / please contact us.
The maximum inclusive engineer time per OS update is 2 hours per month with any additional billable at the prevailing hourly rates.
Every effort will be made to contact the customer before additional time/costs/work is undertaken beyond the inclusive, but Pipe Ten reserves the right to proceed without approval if inaction will result in any extended downtime to the customer.
In circumstances where the operating system or associated software has been modified by the customer in such a way that it interrupts or prevents the normal update procedure, updates will be postponed until the system returned to a good state (with our assistance or otherwise).