Mail Policy (ALL.MP)

Classification: Public Information


We strive to offer a balance of value, usability, reliability. security and excellent performance, delivery and reputation across all mail services.
To help maintain this delicate balance Pipe Ten provides multiple mail services, each with its own intended use, policy and limits.
Our approach to email policy is simple; minimise the amount of unwanted emails that customers using our networks receive, prevent our customers and networks becoming a source of unwanted email.
All Subscribers of Pipe Ten’s Internet services including those who access some of the services but do not have a Pipe Ten account, as well as those who pay a service fee to subscribe to the services, must comply with this Mail Policy (MP), the Acceptable Use Policy (ALL.AUP) and the Terms of Service (ALL.TOS).
This Pipe Ten Mail Policy (ALL.MP) intends to provide the Subscriber with further information surrounding:

Common Phrases / Definition

  • “unwanted emails” – Any email that a recipient would not recognize as something as they had requested or wanted to receive.
  • “spam” – See unwanted email.
  • “UCE” – Unsolicited Commercial Email, which includes using purchased lists or sending on a behalf of a different brand or domain the end user does not recognise.
  • “abuse” – Deliberate or accidental use of email services in a way which causes inconvenience for the service, its other users, IP reputation or external users.
  • “resource” – The amount of computing power available to process the requests.
  • “fair use” – Shared mail services are subject to limitations to ensure customers with normal usage are not unduly impacted by customers with abnormal usage.

Globally Applicable Policy

 In order to ensure the deliverability of good email / ham from our networks and services, we must also ensure are not a source of bad email / spam.

The following use of Email is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED:

  • Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE): This is defined as sending a commercial email to someone who has not requested the information.
  • Mail Bombing: Defined as sending large volumes of mail either in quantity, size or frequency with malicious intent to impede another person’s use of electronic mail services.
  • Email Forging: Defined as forging any message header, in part or whole, of any electronic transmission, originating or passing through Pipe Ten’s servers.
  • Harassment: Defined as sending one or more emails to a recipient where the recipient has previously requested that you cease mailing or if a Subscriber fails to unsubscribe recipients in a timely manor.
  • Accidental Involvement: The Subscriber is responsible for the security of their login/mail credentials and any mail sent using them. As such, the Subscriber is entirely responsible for damages or losses incurred by any virus or other malware sent via Pipe Ten’s service either knowingly or not.
  • Mailing Lists:
    • Acquired Mailing Lists: Pipe Ten considers the acquisition and sending of any email list of any nature (be it targeted, opt-in, opt-out, yellow-pages) via its servers as Unsolicited Commercial Email.
    • Old/Dated Mailing Lists: Any lists sent via the Pipe Ten mail service must have a less than 10% failure rate across its whole. Pipe Ten do not provide data cleansing or mailbox verification services.
    • External Promotion: Subscriber’s may not host, or permit hosting of, websites or information that is advertised by UCE from other networks. The Subscriber must not use any illegal or questionably legal method, to promote their website hosted on their Pipe Ten account. This includes using a free or alternative email service to send spam email, make automated form submissions or make newsgroup postings promoting a website hosted with Pipe Ten or containing any return/reply-to email address on a domain hosted upon Pipe Ten’s servers.

Service Policy

Service Use Summary

  • – Shared Mail Service
    Provides customer inbound POP(s), IMAP(s), customer outbound SMTP(s) and public inbound SMTP(s) services and managed via H-Sphere control panel. Includes all Pipe Ten provided webmail services.
  • (d) – Shared Outbound Relay Service
    Provides outbound SMTP(s) relay services to customers scripts hosted on Pipe Ten networks (typically web/email forms).
  • / – Shared Marketing or Mass Mail Service
    Provides outbound SMTP(s) mass mailing services to existing web hosting and enterprise customers and limited related inbound services.
  • – Private Mail Service/Private Marketing or Mass Mail Service
    Provides a customised combination (or all) of the above capabilities.

Service Limit Summary

 E-mail usage is very subjective, if you’re at all unsure about your needs or the limitations please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mailing PurposeBusiness
Reputation< 10,000< 10,00050/email20MB/email1/secShared
(d)< 10,000None*+**None**Some*Shared

* = Subject to ‘fair usage’.
** = Subject to RFC and external mail service provider limitations.
*** = Subject to/limited only by resources purchased.

Mass / Bulk Mail Specific

Emails sent must:
  • Have been requested by the recipient (opt-in).
  • Be recognisable to the recipient as being from a business or individual from which they have requested emails.
  • Have clear and easy unsubscription options, ideally by the use of a website link and automated unsubscription.
  • Not containing, linking or promoting any of the following:
    • Spam/unrequested information.
    • Malware or Virus.
    • Material of a sexual or adult nature.
    • Material of offense or illegal nature (including but not limited to libel, copyright, racism or the encouragement of such activities).
  • Be sent via the appropriate mass mailing/relay server and NOT the shared mail service.