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30 April 2017

Pipe Ten Hosting > GoDaddy

I forgot to renew my domain so went to Pipe Ten Hosting to see if i could add a new domain in place of the old one. I was informed by GoDaddy that i had to pay $80 to get my domain back. After asking Matthew Skully if it was possible and after helping me through the process he informed me that the $80 charge is only for .com domains meaning GoDaddy were trying to rip me off. Matthew stayed on chat with me whilst I called GoDaddy and helped me argue my case as GoDaddy tried to cover their tracks. I got my domain renewed for free saving me a lot of money thanks to Pipe Ten. If you're looking for Genuine hosting from a competent company, look no further than Pipe Ten Hosting.


26 April 2017

Pipe Ten Rescued Me

My existing hosting service has been terrible and with my website being down with no reply from them I found Pipe Ten who have been great. They not only managed the migration in double quick time, they also fixed my website and got my email all running quickly. From my previous experience of migrations they can be dumpy, especially with sub-domain e-commerce platforms. I had no issues at all!
Their support is very transparent and you can get hold of someone very easily. You also know what is available rather than vague 24/7 claims you see, which are not 24/7 at all.
So, superb and I rate them very highly! Lastly, my Drupal site runs faster and I am paying less...what's not to like.


07 March 2017

Great hosting

Great hosting provider, can't fault them. Their support is second to none. I've used their online chat a number of times and used their online ticket system, responses are always instant and they just get it sorted. They know what their doing. Can't recommend enough.


03 Feb 2017

It was easy to migrate my website to Pipe Ten Hosting

I've used Pipe10 for many years (at least 8) and have found there servers to be extremely reliable. On the very odd occasion where I've needed assistance (mainly admin), they have responded swiftly and resolved my issue quickly. I've only have praise for this company and have no hesitation in recommending to others.


01 Dec 2016

How to make an old man happy

Created a site to sell sailing books online for an amateur sailing club. The wise thing was to move it all over to EV-SSL The support, assistance and guidance given to me throughout this process was exceptional No hesitation in commending the support team.


28 July 2016

It was easy to migrate my website to Pipe Ten Hosting

I found it very easy to migrate my website to Pipe ten Hosting. One phone call directed me to their free migration service. From filling in a simple form onwards each step was clearly communicated and the (few) things I needed to do were explained very clearly. I was dreading the migration but found the process easy and stress free. I was especially reassured that I could telephone for support for the migration (but I did not need to). Very easy, highly recommended.


22 March 2016

Cant Fault this company - Very helpful live chat service!

Not being a technical person and having gone back and forth with IT company trying to learn what I need to do. It took 10 minutes for Pipeten to in simple terms lead me through it via Chat. Would highly recommend. Jamie Moynahan on Live Chat Service couldnt have been better!


18 March 2016


As a complete non technical person, I had put off sorting out my email accounts and landing pages for months. When I finally built up the mental strength to tackle this (what felt like awful) challenge, I was assisted by Jamie at PipeTen. He was patient, explained things very clearly and helped resolve my queries. Brilliant customer service, a credit to the company - thank you!


24 February 2016

Absolutely amazing.

I needed an Umbraco hosted website to be migrated onto a new host. Within 2 hours of filling in the request form I was contacted by Jamie Moynahan who was a great help. After sending them the website source files, Jamie was able to tweak the config to get it up on the new host - again this was within 2 hours. Fast/friendly response on both phone and emails. Couldn't be happier with the service I received!


20 February 2016

Incredible customer service

This company's customer service is second to none.

I was having major performance issues, with a wordpress website that required over 35 plugins to do what I needed. The tech team spent 3-4 hours per day on live chat with me, for several days, to achieve the performance that I needed.

If you are looking for web hosting, look no further.


28 January 2016

Fantastic service....

Pipe Ten migrated a site for me and made it the most painless experience ever. Their communication was great and I was kept informed throughout. I cannot recommend them enough.


12 November 2015

Migration of Umbraco Site Completed Successfully

We had an Umbraco site on an old server, which we wanted to close down, but no one left at our company knew anything about Umbraco, including where the files were on the server, which needed to be migrated. We passed the logins to Pipe 10 and they migrated the site successfully and quickly. A few things cost more than expected, due to some customization we required. For example, an extra couple of quid for a static IP, so that we could just point A Records instead of changing the Nameserver, but as a whole, Pipe 10's charges definitely seem reasonable.


14 July 2015

Outstanding hosting, even better support.

Pipe Ten provided hosting for my Wordpress site between January 2014 and July 2015. I was a complete newcomer to self-hosting, but PipeTen were there every step of the way: their support is fast, straightforward, friendly and never alienated me or left me feeling that I'd asked a question that had been asked a thousand times before. Most importantly when I was working on my site in the evenings and encountered a problem I could send out a live chat request and receive a response in the time it took to make a mug of tea!

Pipe Ten deserve everything good that comes their way, and I recommend them unreservedly.


9 July 2015

Super quick response

I've been using PipeTen for a number of years and they've consistently responded quickly and helpfully to all requests. Having someone pro-actively manage our server means we can get on with the business of building websites and we can pass the benefit on to our customers.


24 April 2015

5 Star Hosting and Support

I've used pipe ten for a number of years and have always been happy with the hosting service and level of support.

It is the Tech Support that separates Pipe Ten from the other providers I have used. There is always a quick response and they go above and beyond to help.

I would recommend Pipe Ten wholeheartedly as a hosting provider.


11 March 2015

Outstanding. Actually, one the best customer service experiences I have ever had.

I rarely write these kind of reviews but I couldn't not after the outstanding service I have had from Pipeten.

I am not technically minded in the slightest and had been tasked with moving our website to a new, cheaper host. After some research I came across Pipeten and they looked good. The prices were basically the cheapest I could find and it turned out they were a Sheffield company, based down the road from us. Interestingly I then started to ask a few people who they would recommend for hosting (without giving them Pipeten's name) and out of the three people I asked, two came back and said Pipeten so that sealed the decision.

From the first phone call to enquire about the hosting service Pipeten couldn't have been more helpful. Firstly, they actually answered the phone - no press 1 for this and 2 for that, straight through to a real person that could answer all my questions, in plain English.

Then onto the move itself...within 5 minutes of signing up online I had a call, just to say hi. The lovely Jamie then helped me through the move (for FREE), step by step and, what I envisaged would involve weeks of a pain, was literally sorted within 48 hours.

Pipten, you are wonderful. I will be recommending you to everyone I meet. Your customer service amazing, a lot of companies could take a leaf out of your book.

Thank you.


24 February 2015

Excellent service.

Pipe ten offer wonderful service. They are quick with their response and talk you through step by step to solve any problems you may have.

I would not hesitate in recommending them as I am sure they will not let you down.


29 January 2015

Great Customer Service

Pipe Ten offer great customer service. Its good to know there's someone you can ask. They answer my queries and issues promptly, with clear and concise instructions (this is a must for me as I'm a bit of a novice!). My problems are resolved efficiently and patiently. What more could I ask for! Many thanks.


28 January 2015

Problem solved in an instant

Anytime I join the Live Chat I get a very quick response and a very quick fix to my problem, brilliant customer service, thanks Kevin O'Brien (Ireland)


18 December 2014

Solid service backed up with speedy support

I've placed a number of websites with Pipe Ten, .NET and Linux, and have always had a great experience. This time round I wanted a Drupal site moved from a different hosting company whose service was going downhill. Pipe Ten were quick to respond to my initial technical query and then offered to manage the migration without additional charge. Once sign-up had completed, it was only a couple of hours later that DNS propagation completed and the site went live on PT's fast servers. During that time, there was a busy exchange of technical emails between us. Pipe Ten's replies came back somtimes in just minutes and each time their answers to my questions were clear and correct. This really is a company that I recommend highly. I am so used to patchy service from hosting companies, but Pipe Ten stands out from amongst the crowd. Full marks. Thank you very much Pipe Ten!


26 November 2014

Brilliant service and exactly what I wanted and needed...

I was looking to move my hosting for four websites that were all wordpress and optimizepress heavy. I rang up and got patient and helpful advice and NO ATTEMPT TO SELL TO ME! It was great. After two more phone calls I decided to go with them and all my sites, emails etc were migrated by the team inside 8 hours. No question was too stupid and no request deemed meaningless.

I have not got a bad word to say about the whole process. More importantly I have complete faith that if there is a problem in the future it will be dealt with promptly and thoroughly.

This is how all businesses should be.


31 October 2014

Better by far than any of the big boys.

I have been with Pipeten for many years now and their customer service is fantastic. The team are always willing to help, even if the question should fall into the realms of code and development.


14 October 2014

Best on the Market, for hosting and especially support!

I have been with Pipeten for many years now and their customer service is fantastic. The team are always willing to help, even if the question should fall into the realms of code and development.

  • Marketing Results Limited
  • Warrington, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


05 September 2014

One of if not THE best hosting provider out there

We've been with PipeTen for just over 18 months now and all I can say is that their service and support is top notch.

I have several websites hosted with them, some of the sites are very complex with lots of different technologies running and touch-wood have not had a single minute of downtime with the exception of planned maintenance.

Whenever there is an issue, the support response is fast, knowledgeable and has the issue resolved in record breaking time!

I have just completed an account upgrade which involved moving the sites and databases to a different datacentre. The whole process was relatively painless with absolute minimal downtime.

All in all, you will struggle to find a better hosting company.


27 August 2014

Amazing support!

Finding a good hosting provider is like a minefield out there, as there is so much competition. However I am truly glad that I went with Pipe Ten as they are so efficient and their support team are super helpful and responsive! They have resolved my questions and issues in no time and have been super nice even when my questions are very basic! As they are based in the UK their response is instant and I'm not waiting for people in another time zone to wake up. I love their Multi host package but they have great offerings at various levels. I highly recommend them.


27 August 2014

Superb Windows multihost package

I have used Pipeten for web hosting for a number of years and I have found them to be excellent. Speed and connection reliability is very good, but what really makes Pipeten stand out is the BRILLIANT customer service. Repsonses from the support team are always very quick and, in the ever changing world of the internet, Pipeten keep up with technology; upgrading their systems and adding new features when required. I continue to remain very impressed.


26 August 2014

Quick, concise, helpful!

Thanks Pipeten! I had a few self-inflicted issues with installing WP and the Pipeten team were patience yet very efficient in rectifying my problem.
Many Thanks, Yashlin.


03 July 2014

Incredible level of Customer Service

I have been with Pipeten for many years now and their customer service is fantastic. The team are always willing to help, even if the question should fall into the realms of code and development.


25 June 2014

Great support every time!

In a world of useless automated support these guys do things differently. The support is second to none. They know their stuff. They are always patient and quick with good help. Recommend them every time!


26 May 2014

They know their stuff and respond really quickly

Knowledgeable people who take the time to understand what you are asking. No cookie cutter responses. Super fast, even out of hours. Would highly recommend this team!


12 May 2014

Their service exceeds my expectations every time

What I want from hosting is reliability - its got to work. And with Pipeten it does just that. I've got a number of domains with various different hosting and mail arrangements and they are totally reliable. But what makes Pipeten fantastic and keeps me coming back is that they go beyond this to offer first rate, personal service so that when I need something out of the ordinary or have a problem they're on to it straight away and they get it sorted. I would 100% recommend Pipeten for hosting and domains - they're a model of customer service others need to follow!


24 April 2014

Absolutely fantastic support

I went with PipeTen as they were one of the few (if not the only) hosting provider in the UK who had some knowledge of the server requirements for hosting Social Engine sites. From the start they have been extremely helpful and completely on the ball with any issues I've had. I also had to change my hosting package shortly after joining as my initial package wasn't up to the traffic i was getting. This involved changing physical servers, and PipeTen walked me through this process to ensure a completely smooth transition. What's more, i had an ongoing problem on my site which we weren't even sure was server related. PipeTen helped me with this tirelessly to get the problem resolved. I'd recommend these guys to anybody.


23 April 2014

In my opinion the best hosting provider with the best customer service, (sales and support), anywhere!

I have two accounts with Pipeten, one personal and one business. In both accounts I have a number of domains and in several I have email and websites. From time to time I have needed to contact Pipeten either for support or for sales and I have always found their service to be exceptional. I would have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending Pipeten and, in fact, often do!


20 February 2014

Excellent UK based company with high quality local support!

I have been with PIPETEN for a number of years and have transferred all my business to them. They are an absolutely excellent company who have always valued me as a customer. This is unusual in todays world of 'big' business! I just contacted their support ten after hours and was pleasantly surprised to get a UK representative instead of the usual offshore call centre. Top marks and HIGHLY recommended. I wish all service providers were this good! Also should mention Matthew in support who was patient and very helpful. Top marks!


23 January 2014

The epitome of the term "customer service"

Yeah, so their website looks dated and how do make hosting and whatnot sexy anyway? The control panel is a bit clunky and you have to register separate accounts for domain registration and hosting. But time after time the dudes on live chat have all the answers. All of them. They are patient and polite and knowledgeable and it finally occurred to me that all that other stuff doesn't matter. What matters is that my websites are live, my email's coming through, and I know that whenever I have a question someone is there on the other end of a keyboard who will help me out. Hence, the epitome of "customer service".


20 January 2014

A Perfect Service for all my hosting needs!

Yeah I know, perfect? Well I moved from 1&1 because the service was soooo bad. They helped the move and none of my clients did not notice their sites had moved. I have had issues since then as you do, but none of these have been the fault of Pipe Ten, they were just lifes issues. However what makes Pipe Ten so good are the guys that provide the support, you get to speak to a human with a name who goes out of his way to help. Really out of their way. Really cannot fault them so happy to give praise.


13 December 2013

The very best tech support and hosting!

Jamie at Pipeten based in Sheffield is always a brilliant help on any technical issues, he's really helped us out on many occasions and knows his stuff in wordpress and magento two platforms we use. I would recommend Pipeten to anyone who wants an excellent hosting solution based in the UK with excellent support!


05 November 2013

Great technical support

I had an issue with a client's domain name, Gavin sign posted me very clear on how to solve this issue, i then need further support and was assisted by Jamie who again gave me important clear information with useful links that solved my problem.
I would highly recommend Pipe10.


31 October 2013

Absolutly great

Today we have been on live chat on and off maybe 10 times. We are not that special on this and trying to set up domains hosting and templates ..... Jamie has been patient and 150% helpful. There is no way we would be able to get this far without him LOL . Thumbs up for Jamie .... by the way we are still on his back and he is great :)

  • Baz Green
  • Baz Green
  • Bury St Edmunds, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


15 October 2013

Go out of their way to be really helpful. Always been impressed!

I've been email and web hosting with Pipeten for a few years now after they were recommended.
They have been excellent with very very minimal downtime (usually while updating in the middle of the night). When I have had any problems with building a website their "Chat" system has been excellent. They come on the live chat within seconds and are extremely helpful and have gone well out of their way on many occasions for us. I can't envisage ever using anyone else and particularly like the fact they are UK based.
Keep up the good work Pipeten!


06 September 2013


I would recommend Pipeten (and have done to anyone who will listen!) as they are extremely reliable and helpful. Whenever I have had a problem, and I often do as I am not too computer savvy, I have been given the best advice, guidance and support possible - at all times of the day or night!
Honesty, look no further for all your hosting needs.


02 September 2013

Brilliant, Fast and very reasonably priced

I moved from a hosting company that has recently ceased trading. I was thinking that my site would be down for days. After speaking to the Support team (Matt S and Gavin K), my website was back, up and running within 30 minutes. I couldn't really believe how quick it was.

There's clearly a great set up here and everyone around knows what they are talking about. May long it continue. Great work - keep it up guys!


01 September 2013

Awesome service!

After been let down by another web hosting company, pipe ten has now become my new home. Awesome service from the support team with helping to get my service sorted. I will be recommending them to anyone who asks about hosting in the future.

  • Luke Von Schönenberger
  • Luke Von SchÖnenberger
  • Braintree, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


30 August 2013

Unparalleled support, with super-fast services

I migrated over to Pipeten from another provider that was disappointing me and it's been the easiest transition. I have 6 domains and PipeTen have done everything they can to support the transition and get me up and running asap!


20 August 2013

You won't need to look elsewhere!

I have tried many hosting companies over the years and found most to be wanting to say the least! Having moved all of my domains to Pipeten a few years ago, (around 40 in total), I have found them to be nothing less than excellent. Support is superb both in the usefulness of the available information on the support pages and the helpfulness of the people at Pipeten.

Every time I have a need to contact support - and it is always because of one of my issues not theirs - they are responsive, helpful and without exception help me to resolve it. I even once contacted them when I was in India and it would have been about 4am in the UK and got an immediate response and solution to my problem!

I thoroughly recommend Pipeten and would urge anyone considering a hosting provider to consider them. I have never found a better company and do not feel the need to look - Pipeten are all that I need!


15 August 2013


Great value, peerless support and always friendly, I have switched all my clients over to Pipeten and every one is over the moon with the results. HIGHLY recommended.


06 August 2013

Pipe Ten Support. Second to NONE!!!!

We have been with Pipe Ten for over 8 years. We have 2 dedicated servers with them and host over 45 sites all together. In that time a number of other hosting companies have approached for our business. Two words to them... GO AWAY!

The support from Pipe Ten is truly amazing. Constantly monitoring the servers and mitigating any issues. Ticket responses time is literally within 3-5 minutes.

I would happily recommend Pipe Ten to anymore. You wont be disappointed.



09 July 2013

Pipeten support have been incredibly helpful sorting out issues

Have a few sites hosted with Pipeten and am putting all my sites going forward with them. Always had great support with any domain or hosting issue. Can't recommend them enough.


19 June 2013

Excellent, Speedy, Very Very Helpful

I've used a number of different managed and unmanaged host providers over the years. These guys are massively helpful, friendly and really know their stuff.
Would happily recommend them to other clients and colleagues.



06 June 2013

Friendly, speedy, brilliant and seem to be always available

Being a non techy the Pipeten Team have always been very helpful and patient. Nothing seems to much trouble and they seem to be available 24/7 !!
They make it very easy.


31 May 2013

Helpful, supportive and professional

I needed some help to change one of my accounts and Pipeten Technical support glided my through the process to get the job done. Easy and simple!


30 May 2013

Kind of dream team - best hosting experience I ever had in 5 years

These guys are simply outstanding. Doesnt matter if you have a starter package or upgrade to a more expensive: They are always kind and helpfull and the deliver what they promise.
no overselling, no broken promises, intelligent support members...
Even for a no-techie like me it´s the pure pleasure to work with them.

Perhaps other webhosters are cheaper, but definetely not better. A clear recommendation no matter if you wanna host a site for private or for biz purpose.


26 May 2013

Excellent service and excellent support

I needed an inexpensive hosting solution for my website with SQL and a friend recommended PipeTen.

As a web developer with limited funds I try to keep up with the latest trends, and the shared hosting lets me do this. When I have needed support after trying a new feature PipeTen have replied very quickly (within minutes) and fix the issue quickly - even for shared hosting.

PipeTen offer the best support I have ever received from any company.


24 May 2013

Brilliant service and support

Pipeten have been fantastic from the first initial inquiry through to all the support provided through out my transfer. Love the fact that they are British based and that they are available to speak to even on the weekend. Customer service wise I have been very impressed! Jamie from technical support has been an absolute star, very patient and helpful. I am a very happy customer, and very pleased to have left my former host!


14 May 2013

Very speedy support

I have been with Pipe Ten for two months now and in that time they have been very helpful in setting up the services I need and have been very quick in their support when I have had an issue.

  • Brian Prescott
  • Brian Prescott
  • Bath, GB


03 May 2013

Everyone else is playing catch-up

Don't go anywhere else. Just get an account - even if you don't need a web site! Just so you can see how customer service is suppose to be done. This is possibly the single most enjoyable B2B customer experience I have had in 30 years of business.

You know when you used to pick up the phone to your ISP support and think "oh, God... here we go again...". Well the good news is you never need to have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach anymore. These folks just get "service" in a big way.

We think of Gavin and his heroes as part of our team. If you add our gold star we gave them today that's six. Count 'em!

  • Pipeten_fan


18 March 2013


I don't usualy write reviews but just have to say that the service I have recieved from Pipe Ten us EXCELLENT! They are better than any provider, hands down! I promise anyone who is reading this that they won't be disappointed.

Nothing ever goes wrong but if it does, they are very responsive! All the staff on the chat-centre are fantastic!!! Friendly and caring each and everytime - and that is why I will NEVER go to another hosting company. I don't know what they feed these guys but they are like some sort of super customer care kings! This company is going to go far because of the team it has built.

Pipteten rules!

  • Hodaka Hashi
  • Hodaka Hashi
  • Farnham, Surrey, GB


15 March 2013

Great service and support!

We've been with PipeTen for a while now and they have never let us down. Server uptime is great but where I personally feel they shine is their outstanding support. Each and every time we've had a query they've responded very quickly with helpful answers.

Would definitely recommend PipeTen to anyone looking for hosting!

  • FTS Aquatics
  • New Alresford, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


13 March 2013

Simply the Best!!

We migrated nearly a year ago to Pipeten and they guided us through every step. They understood how important our website is to us, and pro actively ensured everything went perfectly. The support and customer service is truly outstanding. Pipe Ten are always there for any advice that we may need and always go way over the call of duty, really making you feel like a truly valued customer.


09 March 2013

exactly what good support should be like ...

... I can't pretend to be a novice and so I know what I am looking for in website hosting and support - and these guys deliver ... every time. Can't recommend them highly enough.

  • Bethany Cadman
  • Brighton, GB


28 February 2013

Unbelievably helpful- excellent customer service

I am a complete novice at setting up a website, the guys at Pipeten have been fantastic, talking me through all the steps and helping me sort things out. I would be completely lost without them and they manage to explain everything really well -no question is too stupid! I have always left conversations with them feeling completely happy. Brilliant customer service -thanks so much!


07 February 2013

Outstanding value and service

Have been with Pipeten for over 5 years and am delighted with the immediacy and quality of their service. I already know the value and simplicity of use was very good, but when I got a virus, which was not of their doing they saved my life and held my hand until it was sorted. That's what you need in your host. They are a FIVE fro me!

  • Lesley Draper
  • Lesley Draper
  • Chesterfield, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


30 January 2013

Personal service at the touch of a button

We turned to Pipe Ten when our existing web host let us down. Our technical experience is limited, but the Pipe Ten team has guided us through the steps toward getting our new website online - and we're really pleased with the result. It all seems so simple!
The biggest bonus is having someone at the end of an email who responds within minutes when we're struggling. In this computer age it's both surprising and delightful to receive such a personal service. Ten out of Pipe Ten!

  • fotocoe


27 January 2013

First class service

Since a friend of mine recommended Pipe Ten for hosting I decided to create a new website and use them. I have since added 3 more websites and have moved all my domain names to Pipe Ten. I am delighted with the service and the quick response to any queries I may have.


25 January 2013

Easily the best support I've recieved from a web host

I've used quite a few web hosts of the year and none of them have given such good support. The pipeten team always seem to happy to go the extra mile to help out with problems. For example, it's not really part of their job but I've occasionally had help with code on my website which is causing issues. Their live chat support is free (unlike streamline), always available (unlike streamline) and they know what they're talking about and they answer questions properly instead of telling you to just read their FAQs (unlike 123-reg).

They're not as cheap as some hosting companies but they're really good value when you consider how helpful they are if you have any problems, there's nothing worse than waiting for a support to fix a problem while you're losing money because you site is down, so pipeten is definitely worth the little extra you'll pay.

I am a complete novice at setting up a website, the guys at Pipeten have been fantastic, talking me through all the steps and helping me sort things out. I would be completely lost without them and they manage to explain everything really well -no question is too stupid! I have always left conversations with them feeling completely happy. Brilliant customer service -thanks so much!


20 January 2013

Reliable, good price, great technical support

We’ve used Pipe Ten hosting for several years, after migrating from another hosting provider. There are 3 core things we want from our website hosting: reliable servers, good price, good support when things do go wrong. Pipe Ten provide all three.

We very rarely have any problems, but when we do, Pipe Ten are always quick to respond to our support tickets. And when I say quick, I mean 2-3 minutes. I’ve never experienced support that good before!


19 January 2013

Excellent customer service as standard - that shouldn't be rare but it is.

Technically these guys know their stuff. The Live Chat and/or Ticket support system works very well. They are accountable but also realistic and take the approach of partnering with their clients so that both businesses grow. Top notch stuff.


18 January 2013

Excellent isn't enough. Prompt, patient and understanding

I’ve used Pipeten for hosting for a few years now, and always found them helpful.
I have just changed the domain name for an existing website, which involved opening a new account and then transferring everything across, including an SQL database.
It was certainly a steep learning curve, with a few gremlins thrown in. But the support I got from the Pipeten team was always quick, and understanding. At no time did I feel I couldn’t ask even the dumbest of questions.
I would recommend Pipeten to anyone looking for a hosting service. Oh and they are not expensive, especially given the facilities provided and the prompt, patient, and understanding support available when it is needed.

  • Craig Dearden
  • Craig Dearden
  • Darvel, GB


18 January 2013

Fantastic doesn't cover it

I've been with Pipeten for years now, probably since around about the time they started, and I'll be honest - they have NEVER EVER let me (or us) down.

Cost: Great.

I use them for over 10 websites (I think), I also recommended them to my place of work, and they use them now too for their online shop(s).

I have been offered half the price (and less) elsewhere, but I still can't trust anyone as much as I trust Pipeten with my sites.

TRUST ME.... Pipeten are THE BEST....
No horsemeat. 100% Quality.


18 January 2013

The best support I've ever had from a web host

I've been using Pipeten for a few years after hunting around for a better web host.
I joined them for the fact I could add as many domains to my shared hosting account as I liked without extra charges, but I stayed with them because their support was so good compared with other companies I've used.


17 January 2013

Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive, Helpful and Polite Support Every Time!

With over 15 years of working with different hosting providers, I've experienced everything from a barely acceptable level of service to over 20 emails required to resolve a single issue.

For a few years now though, I am pleased to report that I have encountered a provider that I would actually be happy to recommend to a friend.

PipeTen, provide the fastest, friendliest and clearest level of support that I have ever encountered. And for a website design business, support is the most important factor to consider.

Some are cheaper than others, but these days hosting providers are all fairly standard in the services they provide and the level of uptime they offer. The real test comes when you want to do something a little bit more unusual than a straight HTML website or something goes wrong at their end.

I have known providers regularly require in excess of 10 emails to resolve even the simplest of problems. As eluded to above, my own personal record was an unresolved issue with 1&1 (that caused me to ditch them), which required over 20 emails from myself and went on for more than three weeks!

In contrast, from my experience, support calls with PipeTen are typically resolved satisfactorily in 1-2 emails and well under 30 minutes, in fact most often 2-5 minutes.

Responses are always to the question you asked, accurate, clear and polite. Many questions are resolved with the first response, but where any technical clarification is requested, it is provided in abundance.

So, many thanks to Jamie, Gavin, Carl, Grenville and the rest of the PipeTen team.

Keep up the good work guys!

David Barton
EasierThan Website Design


14 January 2013

Superb Service - second to none.

I have used several other hosting companies and none have come remotely close to the level of support that Pipeten provide.

Their prices seem competitive and I am very happy with their costs, but where they really stand out is in their support. I've had to call on their services several times at weird times with weird problems, some of which have only been loosely related to their products, and they have NEVER let me down or come across as unwilling or bored to help with whatever problem is presented to them, no matter how small or trivial that problem may be - or even how complex it may be!

Highly recommended.


14 January 2013

Best hosting company we have ever had!

We have moved hosting companies so many times since we started way back in the 90's and Pipeten are our favourites so far. Services are excellent and at competitive prices, the website is clear (for a change!), ticket response is lightning fast and the control panel actually makes a lot of sense. Someone has given this a lot of thought, and it shows. 10/10. Keep it up lads!

  • Turgay Hassan
  • Turgay Hassan
  • Walthamstow, GB
  • Source: TrustPilot


13 January 2013

Superb Technical Support!!!

I used to have my own portfolio website with another hosting provider.... they were really poor in terms of technical support..

I closed the account with them and a friend of mine recommended PIPETEN as an alternative.

I have been interested in setting up a wordpress site but i have no clue on how to go about it.

One click on PIPETEN's Live Chat feature and i was signed up and organised within the hour..

GREAT Support!! Many Thanks again!!


5 stars - based on 44 Web Hosting reviews
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