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A CDN or Content Delivery Network, is a distributed network of servers at diverse geographic locations which can be used to deliver content locally to users avoiding bottlenecks and offloading traffic for performance.

  • Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales
  • experienced an increase in conversion rates of up to 2% for every second of performance improvement
  • Google found an extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%
  • Firefox reduced load times by 2.2 seconds and saw an increase in download conversions by 15.4%

Users like and expect fast websites, the faster your website the more comfortable they will be using your service or making a purchase and a CDN will help achieve this.

Website Acceleration

Cache static content, such as HTML files, images or JavaScript resources, so that they can be served on-demand directly from the globally distributed data centers closest to your customer.

Video on Demand

Deliver on-demand video content to a global audience and dynamically scale any combination of video processing, delivery, and storage services. Any device or video player, easy to implement, widely supported and 100% compatible.

Software Distribution

Deliver large downloads efficiently with low error rates and high throughput, scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of staggered or immediate download attempts.

Get your content delivered when it matters

  • Distribute & Deliver Globally
  • Increase Performance, Satisfaction & Sales
  • 100+ PoP with 50+ Cities in 20+ Countries
  • Fully Managed & Easy to Enable
  • Scales from 100GB to many TB
  • Free SSL, TLS Control, HTTP/2, gzip & more
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