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Whether you want to send a large or moderate volume of email within a small period of time, Pipe Ten’s bulk email service delivers the performance and resources necessary.

Hardware dedicated to mass emailing

Separate to Pipe Ten’s shared email service, the mass emailing service is dedicated to its purpose.

No volume or rate limits

Unlimited emailing and few restrictions, only those sensible and lawful for the UK.

Free dynamic abuse processing

Protecting your sending reputation, improving deliverability and preventing abuse of the service, FBL reports and RBL alerts are actively monitored and processed on your behalf.

Inbound email included

Includes POP3(s), IMAP(s) and Webmail(s) for access to replies or bouncebacks from your mailings.

Use with any email client

This service is intended for use with any self, externally or Pipe Ten hosted mass or bulk emailing product.

Send bulk mailings without restriction

  • 1 x 10GB mailbox
  • Shared IP reputation
  • Monthly contract
  • No setup fee
  • Bandwidth inclusive
  • newsletter@mailer.custom.ext
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